• Working at Providence

    Being part of Providence Connections can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

    Our administrative and support staff are called to be solid model citizens and to uphold the Principles of Family Support:


    • Family Support is governed, designed and improved by participants and community members.
    • Family Support is relationship-based, fostering respectful partnerships between and among parents, peers and professionals.
    • Family Support is strengths-based, building on existing individual, family, community, and cultural abilities and vitalities.
    • Family Support services are designed by and for participants to meet their priorities and are collaborative among agencies to insure easy access and use.
    • Family Support reflects, respects and enhances the cultures of the neighborhood through the staff it hires, and the materials and activities it provides.
    • Family Support services are enhanced through program evaluations that reflect family support principles and that contribute to continuous program improvement.
    • Family Support services are based in the community, serve the entire family, without eligibility requirements and are voluntary.

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