Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

    Providence Family Support Center is thrilled to announce the creation of its latest onsite program with the opening our special Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) room, recently constructed on the third floor.

    Administered by nonprofit transformational support organization Wesley Spectrum Services, PCIT is an interactive way to promote effective behavior management and help build a positive relationship between a parent and child.

    The program – aimed at families who have a child aged 2-7 with defined behavioral challenges – engages parent and child in weekly hour-long meetings using a one-way mirror. Sessions are monitored by a Wesley Spectrum therapist who offers guidance through a “bug in the ear” hearing device.

    The nationally-recognized approach has proven valuable in providing parents with appropriate discipline training.

    If you think PCIT would be helpful to your family, or would like more information, please contact Wesley Spectrum directly at 412.342.2270 or call Tish Donze at Providence at 412.766.6730 x103.

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