Preschool Readiness Classroom

Young Toddler Classroom at Providence Connections

  • The older toddler classroom provides more planned activities to meet the changing needs of a growing toddler. We provide a range of age-appropriate activities including art, music, dramatic play, and storytelling, fine motor activities to improve hand coordination, and scheduled gym and outdoor play. Teachers and caregivers promote language development by using simple words and keeping a balance between talking and listening with each child. Through our program, children learn respect for others as well as themselves and staff facilitate social and fair play.


    What perspective parents should know

    Our classroom works hard to build independence in all our children.  Children entering our classroom should be in Pull-ups and working on bathroom skills.  We also spend time on eating with utensils, drinking from a cup, washing our hands, and sitting for a short period of time.  Our classroom works on building a strong foundation for preschool.  Recognizing letters, numbers, colors, and shapes are all skills that we help develop.  Also, we spend a lot of time talking about using our words when we want or need something. 

    Goals we are working towards by the time the child transitions to the next classroom

    As children move from our classroom to the Preschool Room they need to be potty trained.  Each child needs to have a basic knowledge of letters, colors, shapes, numbers, and be able to recognize his/her name.  Also, the children need to be able to get dressed independently, hang his/her coat up in the cubby, and cleanup after him/herself.