Early Childhood Program

  • Early Childhood Program

    As one of our core initiatives, PFSC offers a full range of child care services. Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and accredited as a Keystone STARS 3 facility, PFSC provides a clean, attractive, safe, secure and comfortable environment where children thrive.

    The Center has seven separate classrooms specifically designed to address the developmental needs of each age group. Each class follows a consistent daily schedule and weekly lesson plan that touches on the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards and addresses learning levels of the children.

    A Day in the Program A healthy breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are provided for children. Infants are provided with formula, cereal, baby food and snacks. A report informing parents of Infants and Young Toddlers about their child’s food intake, nap times and diapering schedule is prepared daily.

    Our Staff PFSC’s Child Care staff is trained in early childhood education and is always involved in ongoing learning. Lead teachers possess an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development and/or Elementary Education.

    The staff works closely with each child’s parents or guardians to ensure specific needs are met, communicating daily as well as through periodic parent-teacher conferences. Staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid through the American Red Cross.

    Tours and Enrollment To schedule a tour or to learn more about our enrollment process please contact the Director of Early Childhood and Youth Programs at 412-766-3860 ext. 207 or lwhite@providenceconnections.org


    Age Range Served




    6 weeks through 1 year and cruising

    Classroom #1-8 infants

    Classroom #2-4 infants


    Older Infants

    1 year and walking through 21 months (1 year 9 months)


    Able to walk
    Able to self-feed
    Drinking from sippy cup (no bottles)

    Younger Toddlers

    21 months through 30 months (2½ years old)


    Able to self-feed


    Older Toddlers

    30 Months through 39 Months (3 years 3 months)


    Must be wearing Pull-Ups or Potty Trained (no diapers)


    39 months through 51 months ( 4 years 3 months)


    Must be Potty Trained

    Pre K

    51 Months through Kindergarten Training


    Must be Potty Trained

    Payments are required for all enrolled days whether the child attends or not, and are due the first business day of each week. If more than one child in the family is enrolled in our program, tuition for the oldest child will be discounted by 10 percent.

    Based on availability of funds, tuition assistance for child care may be an option. Financial assistance provided by Child Care Information Services and the PA Department of Human Services is also accepted.

    Contact CCIS at 412-261-2273.

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